Fun Weekend

Well, we had a fun filled weekend. It began Friday when I took off the afternoon to finish up one last thing for Amanda's babyshower that Sarah, Linda and I were doing Friday evening.

Linda and Elizabethe met me at my office and we took off to Anacortes for lunch and the Toy Store. I needed to pick up my book to finish off the gift.

Here we are at Gere A favorite!

We went bad and even shared a panda dessert. It was divine.

Thursday night I made my red velvet cupcakes. Thanks to my dear friend Tallie for her recipe. It was a hit!!!

I finished them up right before the shower so the frosting was fresh and topped them off with a pecan. I will have to say these are messy too make, but so worth it.

After lunch and shopping I picked up Paisley and we went home to find this...Abbey ate all of my chocolate and candies for the babyshower game I was doing. $20 worth of chocolate. I was furious. She was a little sick, but survived.
Chocolate is poison for dogs. I quickly went back down to the store and bought another $20 worth of chocolate.
Did I say I was furious???? I was steaming mad with Abbey.

I called up George to give him a heads up and told him how furious I was....on his way home he stopped by the store to buy me some roses to make me feel better. It did!!!!

The babyshower was a huge success. About 30 people showed up and I know Amanda appreciated it all.
Saturday afternoon we headed to our annual trip to Disney on Ice. This begins our families holiday season. Here is Paisley...she was sooooo excited to go.

My cousin and her family were there too. In all there was 15 of us.
These are the toys the girls picked out.

Paisley did not like the hat as you can tell...

Here we are...waiting for the show to begin.

The rest of the motley crew.

We had Kyanne put on one of the hats.
Jeneva picked out a snow cone Minnie.

It was a really good show. We had a great time!

Paisley loves Mickey and Minnie. We are a Disney family you know.

Sunday we went to church and then after church was cousin Linnsey's birthday party. Paisley was all ready in her party dress from church so we headed over for some birthday fun.

Mommy deserves a medal this weekend. All daddy had to do was sit around the house playing video games for a day and a half. He had fun too!
Well, that was our fun weekend. Now let the Holidays begin!!!


  1. Looks like Disney on Ice was fun. Elizabeth and I had fun on Friday too. We need to do that kind of thing more often!

  2. You guys always seem to be having a good time! And how sweet of George to bring you flowers!

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