Snow, shopping and more...

Paisley and Jeneva ready to go out in the snow.

With their sleds-waiting for George to put on his winter gear.

George pulling the girls on the sled.

He is going to be one tired daddy/uncle.

Paisley and George made a snowman.
This year we decided to do our 2 turkeys fried style.  They are not greasy at all and the meat stays nice and moist.  Here is George braving the snow to cook them up.  We had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends over.  Tons of food and laughs.  Hope you all did too.

Paisley has been a little sick lately.  Here she is wearing her Thanskgiving hat I bought from

Friday my dear friend Amy and I always go Black Friday shopping.  This year we are only getting Paisley art supplies, interactive items and books.  She just doesn't play with anything else.  Here is a couple of things I bought for her that day.  I am happy to say I am ALL DONE with my Christmas shopping. 

At work we particpate in the Tree of Hope program for kids in need.  I picked out a 9 year old girl that wanted art supplies.  Well, she will have them now.  Cool deals and great finds at Costco. 

I am not a big Thanksgiving dinner lover.  In fact, I only like turkey, mashed potatoes and the corn.  Everything else just doesn't appeal to me.  I don't even like pies!!!  I do however love left over turkey sandwiches with tomatoes and mayo.  They are to die for!!!

After I had my fill of turkey...I was so glad to go out with a dear friend for a nice juicy burger.  Thanks Linda!

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  1. I love Thanksgiving! We had a fried turkey too, they are sooo good! Our Paisley's would be good friends, we got ours an art eisle also from Toys r us! I just need to get some more stuff to go with it and "Santa" is done with her! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!