Two Funny Things

My mom made us some cupcakes this week.  She made them a little different than normal.  She put a permint baked inside the cookie and crumbles on top.  I am not a fan of mint in general so I did not partake, but Paisley did.  She bit into the cupcake and said, "who put toothpaste in my cupcake?"  We could not stop laughing.  I called up mom and told her the story too.

I am always telling Paisley that I need my privacy when I really do need my privacy.  I don't think I need to expand on that...anyways....Paisley was going to the bathroom and I came in to get ready for work and she yelled at me...."mom-I need my privacy-shut the door!"  What goes around comes around I guess. 

Who raised such a independent, fiesty child anyways?????

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