We are ready for Christmas now...

I began my Saturday watching White Christmas...Love it!

And wrapping gifts.

And making my famous fudge with walnuts.

It is so yummy!

My sister gave us her old dryer...ours takes two times to dry things these days.

Paisley decided to play in it first.

Having a snack and waiting for the girls to come over so we can get our tree.

We packed up and went to cut down our tree.  Paisley is supervising.

We found one!!!

Enjoying a little apple cider.  Don't let that angelic look fool you. 
She is a monster.  :)

Our tree all done!!!!

George put up our lights and they look great.  I am so ready now. 

All presents bought and wrapped-check.
Lights up-check
Tree up and decorated-check
Christmas cards out-check
Begin baking-check
Watched White Christmas for the first time, but not the last time this season-check
Remembering He is the Reason for the Season-check

After all this excitement George and I headed out for a date night. 
Kyanne was already at the house and she is such a great sitter.
We went to Flyers for dinner-love it!

And then to the movies to watch Harry Potter #7 part 1.  I can't believe it took us two weeks to go see it. 
We are usually there opening weekend.
Things have been busy.

Anyways, we had a great weekend and we hope you all did too.

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  1. You had another fabulous weekend! I love your weekend post!