College Girl Again

Ok, so I am now officially a college girl again!!! 

Here is a little back ground.  I went to Montana State University right out of high school. 
I was a double major in history and physical education with the intent to teach high school level. 

Well, things changed and home I came.  I was immediately hired onto the City at age 20 and began working two full time jobs and kept going to Skagit for my AA degree.   

This year I was given the opportunity to finish up my four year degree.  The kicker it has to be in accounting. 

So, I went to work on transferring credits and low and behold....they all transferred over!!!!  Hurray.

Oddly of my few classes left to finish to get the 2 year degree is a history class.  Weird enough since I was a history major and already took every war class you could imagine, but they request a certain one here.

So my choices were American History or Western Civilization-no brainer there...I am taking Amercian History. 

I begin January 10th and I am trying the first class on-line.  I am getting really excited and I am glad that I did not waste my parents 2nd mortgage after all when they made it possible for me to go to college.

When I am done I will have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Accounting.

Life is weird and takes you in many directions that you did not plan for. 

I gurantee you I did not expect to go back to college at 34, having a toddler, and after being invested in the City for 13 years. 

Having said that I am grateful for the opportunity and I am thankful for George encouraging me and supporting me on this next adventure. 

I pray for balance each day between family, work, church and now college. 


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great! It will be so nice to be done!

  2. You're awesome Sandra. You'll do great!