Paisley's 3rd Birthday

Here is our big 3 year old in her new birthday outfit. 
She is so excited to go to Seattle.

We decided this year we would go to the Seattle Aquarium for her birthday. 
So we gathered up the entire family and car pooled down.  The family had a great time. 

This was too cool.  A jelly fish exhibit where they went around in the tube thing. 
George's mom in her cutie pa tootie hat.
Too cute Claudette! 

You will note in the next few pictures my girl is the only one that did not look up or smile at the camera.

Cousin Lynnsey

Cousin Kyanne

Cousin Jeneva

This one was too cute.

She loved looking at all the new sites.

Watching the scuba divers feed the fish in the dome.

My cousin Jennifer and her family.  So glad they came too.

Love this picture. 
I am going to have it blown up and framed for them.

Grandma and Paisley

Daddy, Paisley and Lynnsey
A bunch of hams.

Touching some marine life.

Most of the time we just had to keep her out of the water.

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  We celebrated Jeneva and Paisley's birthday. 
Jeneva is a Grease Movie Freak.  So we got her the new Grease Wii game. 
We also got her a pack of socks from Little Miss only sell one of each sock, but the colors and designs compliment each other so you can mix and match to your heart is content.  They are really cute. 
We bought Paisley a pack too.
Paisley opening her presents.

Their cute cake.  The princesses lighted up and all.

Melissa and Kona got her this headdress and some cute pj's.  Too fun.

Paisley made out like a bandit.  Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts! 
And thank you family for coming with us to have a great time in Seattle.

We have the best home teachers.  Brother French has not missed a month since being assigned to us. 
He is truly fabulous.
He stopped by just to give Paisley a plate of cookies and some barretts his wife made for her birthday.
Thank you French Family!

Long story here, but I now have 3 Seattle area entertainment books.  They had a buy one get one free coupon to the aquarium, plus a second one each on line.  We saved a ton of money with these babies. 
It was cheaper to buy the books than the entry fee...can you believe it.
So we had 6 coupons and then Christine (my sister) was given 3 free tickets from a friend.
We saved a ton.
I have to give a huge thanks out to Melissa for telling me about these.
If anyone needs coupons, let me know!

Happy Birthday Paisley!!!

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