Halloween 2010

This was a fun Halloween. Lots to do and lots of fun.

It began Wednesday night when we took all 15 Beehives door bell ditching. I made these ghost brownies to hand out. They turned out so good.

Then we were door bell ditched ourselves!!!! This pail was full of fun stuff...Paisley claimed it for herself.

Here is our little bee ready for the church activity Saturday night.
I even found this bee candy bag at Pottery Barn to match her outfit.

I painted her nose, so she painted daddy's nose.

Not a great picture. We did the cake walk at church...here is Paisley, Jeneva and Kyanne in the background.

Paisley's haul from the trunk or treat.

After the church party we went to Melissa's party. So glad we have Kyanne. We had a great time Melissa. I made these pinwheels to bring along.

They are super simple. Just cream cheese this Jalapeno bread and butter mix and tortillas. Just mix, spread, roll and cut. Great eats! We get the mix from Friday Harbor when we go to the cabin.

Here is Paisley after church. I found this cute Halloween dress months ago for her to wear. She looked fabulous!!! She is showing off her popcorn hand they made in nursery.

She loved it so much she was kissing it the entire way home.

After church we had Melissa and Kona over for dinner and left over snacks from her party.

George finally did his pumpkin.

George and Paisley lighting our pumpkins for the trick or treaters.

And off Paisley, daddy and Uncle Kona went. Paisley had enough candy from the trunk or treat so mainly they just hit the neighbors so they could see Paisley in her costume.

After Skyping with grandma and Papa Nick she guarded the candy waiting for the trick or treaters to come to our door. This is priceless. I can't remember the last time she sat so still and for so long.

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too.

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  1. She is the cutest bee and I love that dress its so festive!