Cabin Weekend

This weekend we took off to the cabin for some R&R.

We were packed into the Tahoe with 6 of us and all of our gear.
Here is Paisley posing for the camera.

She decided she needed to walk around outside the car.

All in all we brought home 22 crabs.

Paisley collects pine cones for her grandma.  It is her favorite thing to do.

All of her outside toys were waiting for her.

Paisley is not allowed to go down to the dock without her life vest.  She is really good about putting it on and walking slowly.  She is such a big girl.

George put Pippa in the baby swing and she loved it.

She is enjoying her R&R too.

We went to Roche for some ice cream.  Yum!
Paisley ended up dropping hers over the side of the railing into the water.
She was not happy.

Pippa enjoyed some of daddy's ice cream too.
She loves it!

This is my favorite thing to do at the cabin.  Sit and read my book, in the sun with a diet pepsi.
The only thing that could make it better would be some chocolate too.

Paisley can't fit into the baby swing any longer.  She has upgraded to the big girl swing.
She did pretty good.
Her cousins were nice enough to push her all weekend.

Now if that face does not tell you how the weekend was...I don't know what will.

It was fun and relaxing.  George ended up catching a couple of fish.  He had Kyanne and Jeneva to keep him company out on the water.  Kyanne pulled in a shark too.

My mom, grandma and uncle came up Saturday for lunch.  It was my grandma's 79th birthday and she had never been to Friday Harbor.  She had a very special day.  As they were pulling out of Anacortes a huge pod of Orca whales stopped the ferry for 20 minutes until they could pass by.  They said it was amazing to see and they were putting on a show.  Everyone on the boat raced to the side they were was afraid the boat was going to tip.  It was amazing they said.

That is all for now.  Back to the daily grind.


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