Double Bluff Birthday Party

Saturday we had the opportunity to go to a family birthday party for a friend's kid from high school.
They had the party at the beach.
Double Bluff to be exact.
It is near Freeland on a nice sandy warm beach.
The day was gorgeous and we had a blast.

Paisley is patiently waiting while presents are opened up.
She is so ready to hit the beach.

Finally, the beach!

She played and played.
She wore herself out.
It was gorgeous!
We all have tans and some burns.

Another thumb sucker.

My little sunbather resting in the shade.

Exploring with daddy on the beach.

Tons of kisses.

Such a great party idea.  She gave all the kids buckets with shovels and a pair of sunglasses.
What a great way to celebrate a birthday and the day was perfect.

We are definitely going to Double Bluff again for some more fun in the sun.

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  1. Love Double bluff! It's a great beach we usually hit it a couple times every summer!