Busy Week

The Place Family had a busy week.  We had fun and accomplished a great deal.  It began Monday with a great dinner and family home evening with the French Family.  The French's eat a very different way from the Place Family.  They are basically vegans.  The Place Family are carnivores.  Having said that we really did enjoy dinner and the company was great.  Paisley had a great time playing with their kids.

During the week I signed Paisley up for preschool that begins in July at Doodlebugs Academy and also signed her up for swimming lessons which begin tomorrow!!!!

I also got quotes on life insurance which is on my bucket list this year!

Wednesday the Beehives wanted to decorate cookies and take them to the inactive gals.  So we did.  I bought the cookies from Yummies because quite frankly I had no time and did not want to do them.

They turned out great.

Friday we went to the drive in to see Tangled.  It was fabulous.

Saturday George made us eggs benedict.  My favorite.  He told me to take a picture since they turned out so good.

I accomplished so much Saturday.  I cleaned the house, finished up my homework for the week, helped Grandma pick out the cake for Uncle Mark's birthday, shopped for Uncle Mark, began cooking 21 pounds of hamburger for the sloppy joe mix I was making for a retirement Monday, did our taxes, Skype'd with my sister, etc.

Here is Uncle Mark.  Grandma had a birthday party for him Saturday night.  It was a blast.  He had a great time.  All the family was there.

Here is grandma...I caught her off guard.  I love that the woman has the best hair in the world.  She has never dyed it and it is still brown.  Having said this I found my first grey hair this weekend.  I blame it all on Paisley.

Paisley all ready for church.  I love my little Hawaiian.

Sunday night for dinner I made swiss steak in the crock pot.  It was yummy!

Here is my final homemade sloppy joe mix for the retirement party.  Everyone loved it!

I hope everyone else had a great week.  Onward and upward. 

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