This weekend was pretty busy.  We began Friday night by cleaning out our spare room to make it into a Man Cave for George.  Here is Jeneva helping her uncle George.  We removed the queen bed and bought a futon bed/couch so we could still have a guest room.  Then we are going to get another flat screen t.v. so they can do all their gaming in the Man Cave. 

As you can see our tempurpedic beds arrived.  They look like hospital beds, but feel so good.  Here is George trying out the ergo base.  Now to find the perfect headboard and we are good to go.

Paisley enjoying my side of the bed.

Here is our new futon/couch.  The room is still not finished, but it is getting there.

Saturday night we were invited over to our friend Tallie's home for dinner and games.  There were about 5 couples and we had a blast.  We made wantons and spinach dip to share. 
We had a blast playing a game called Cranium and another called Creationary where you use legos.  Fun times and good laughs.  Here is Amy and Ryan working as a great team. They ended up beating us all.  Thanks Tallie!

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