Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!
I pray that you have a fabulous year full of fun and joy and blessings.
We went out to dinner as we do every New Years Eve with 3 other couples.
We had a blast as usual and ate way too much.
We went to Ivars in Mulkiteo again...excellent service and excellent food.
I had the filet mignon with blue cheese sauce....all I have to say is Yum.

George had white salmon. 
Sorry the pictures are so bad...they were off of my blackberry.
Not the best.

While we were at dinner the girls had their own New Years Eve party
with my brother Michael and his girlfriend supervising.

I bought the girls hats, horns and more.  They had a blast.

Michael and Jamie had fun too.

Saturday was pretty quiet..I hit the gym bright and early to get in my first work out of the year.
Felt Great!!!
Sunday was another story.  It was Paisley's first day out of the nursery and into Primary.

So, she put on her new 1st day of primary dress that Uncle Kona picked up for me
at GAP for half off-Thanks Kona!!!

She looked so cute!!!

And off we went to church.  Love this gal.
We are on a new hour where church starts at 1pm and goes until 4pm.
I have to say I really really dislike this one.
Paisley was miserable and so was I.
We made it through and before we even drove away from the church she was out!

My poor mom had 9 kids in her class and Paisley is one of them.
She has the patience of a saint.
I don't know how she does it and frankly I don't want to know how either.
Probably lots of practice since she had 5 of her own.

Anyways-We had a great weekend and now back to the daily grind.

Wishing you again a wonderful New 2011 Year!


  1. Wow, Paisley is a Sunbeam now! And the dress is adorable! Good luck with the 1 pm...we just moved to 9am, and its a good thing too. I wanted to be done with church and my crazy kid! Last Sunday was a miracle is all I have to say. Your Paisley is a cutie!! :)

  2. You're right, your mom is a saint!! I don't know how she does it but it seems to be going better each week. Paisley is a cutie, and growing up so fast!