Dinner Idea

So, I made dinner tonight and it was quick and easy. Definitely needed to be quick since George was going out salmon fishing tonight. Thought you all might enjoy it too.

I took one box of brocolli au gratin rice a roni, then I cooked it as per the box instructions, after it was boiling I added in chopped portuguese sausage (any sausage would be good, but we love portuguese) and 3 cups of corn (I am sure any vegetables would work). I cooked them all together per the box instructions for 15 minutes and then let the whole thing sit for 5 minutes.

We bought some fancy bread and toasted it with brummel and dinner was done. Yes, that quick, easy and cheap. It was so quick that we even had dinner at 5:30 and that is after having a walk through at 4:15 today. George, Paisley and I loved it!!!

Feel free to send me your favorite recipes at placefamily@verizon.net

Until next time...

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