Pampered Chef Party Thanks!!!!

So, we filled the house last night. This is why I need a bigger house!!!! I love hosting parties and having friends over. I hope that is a good enough reason for a bigger house. :)

Thank you all for coming!!! And thanks to those that gave me tons of outside orders. What a great Pampered Chef show. It was nice to sit around and eat warmy nutty carmel brownies with vanilla ice cream and talk the night away with dear friends.

I appreciate you all for taking the time out of your busy lives to come and support me and to help me get my cranberry red stone roaster...yes, that is all I wanted, but George is marking away at the catalog to spend the rest of the money. If anyone needs anything let me know by Monday...we are closing out the party then.

I must also add in that I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD. George is so supportive and he is a great husband. He made his famous chicken wings and helped me set up and clean up. I am very lucky.

I am also lucky to have my mother-in-law here this week helping us out with Paisley while my cousin is on vacation and also to have extra hands to prepare for the party. I love you both.

I would post pictures, but I was having so much fun talking that I forgot to take some.... ;)

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  1. I am sorry I missed it. Sounds like things went great.