Fun Filled Place Weekend

I don't know about you all, but we are beat. We had a very long weekend. The heat made it even longer I believe. I am not complaining, but we had every fan in the house going and then some. Our weekend was full of fun and excitement. It was nice that we were off 3 days to boot.

The Place Family did many things this weekend. We had a BBQ at my mom's house on the 4th with the whole family there, followed by some fireworks. Even Paisley, with supervision, had fun with a sparkler.

These were new to us. You pull the string at both ends and they pop very loudly. It was really fun watching the girls. Here is Kyanne and Jeneva playing with them.

Here is Paisley picking on Jeneva. She just loves picking on her.
The girls played on the trampoline. They are so nice and easy on Paisley. I appreciate that, the trampoline makes me nervous.

On Friday night we had the opportunity to go to a wedding for a co-worker. Congrats Lisa and Luke!!! We had a great time.

We also had a bunch of little girls over for a slumber party. Paisley may only be 19 months, but she is a big girl at heart. She loves to hang out with all of her cousins. I tell you having 5 little girls is fun, not sure that I want to do it every day though. I am exhausted thinking about it.

We filled the girls up with tons of sugar and let them play guitar hero. They danced the day away. Yes, even Paisley.
We made them cinnamon graham cracker pancakes for breakfast using my new pancake molds. They are so cute.

I picked up these pancake molds from William and Sonoma, love them.

They are in the shape of lady bugs, butterflies and a snail. The girls loved them too.

George went crabbing all weekend long. He brought back many and ate them all. They had crab for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not sure why the funny face, but here is George cooking up his crab.

Here is Paisley in her 4th of July outfit. I found this a year ago and bought it. I almost thought it would not fit, but it fit great!!!

Here is Paisley...she had a fun filled weekend too. She couldn't even get to the crib in time to nap.

To beat the heat she played in the turtle which we filled with water. We have been so busy we have not had time to put sand in it. In addition, I am not sure I want a sand pile...they are very very messy.

Here is our little dare devil on her scooter. She looks so cute in her bathing suit. Love it!!!

Oh well, back to the work week...until next weekend. Hope you all had a great 4th of July and a great week ahead.

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  1. All your weekends look fun! I am glad you had a good 4th.