Oh...what do you do in the Summer Time...

You eat strawberry kiwi ice cream in a cone.

You go to church in pretty summer dresses. I had to pull those flip flops off of her and put on some proper church shoes.

You go to the wading pools at Windjammer Park. Jeneva came along too. They had a blast.

I have to tell you our bathing suit story. So Jeneva stayed the night on Friday night. In the morning we were to meet up with some friends down at the wading pool. Jeneva did not have her swim suit, so we went to K-mart to get her a new one. We picked out this pretty suit and the lady stopped to tell me that they were going on the blue light special sale in 10 minutes. They were being reduced to $5.00 a swim suit. We waited the 10 minutes...that was sure nice of that lady to stop us. I didn't even know K-mart still did blue light specials. Good to know.

Here we are at the wading pool.

Paisley taking a snack break.

You go to garage sales. I found this cool cabana hut...brand new...$5.00

And this Princess tent....$5.00

You eat raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in a cool purple hat.

That is what you do in the Summer Time!!

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