Sleepless In Seattle

Ok, first of all I have to say I forgot to bring my camera on our overnight trip. I can't believe it!!! Anyways, you will have to make due with my story and these few pictures I took off the internet. George and I took off work Friday to go to the Bite of Seattle. George had been last year and thought that I would enjoy it. He was so right. It was a blast.

First of all we had fabulous weather. High 80's. It was a great day. Mom watched Paisley for our first night away from her. Boy was that hard, but I knew she was in capable hands. We proceeded to Seattle and parked by the Space Needle. We walked and ate and walked and ate our way through the Bite. It was so good. We shared crab cakes, fried mac and cheese bites, oriental food, reuben sandwiches...we ate until we could not eat anymore. We even ran into old friends down never amazes me with thousands and thousands of people there that we would find someone we know. Small world.

I have to say a fun part of the day was watching all the children run through the water at the fountain...if you have never been should head to the Key Arena and sit by the fountain and just people watch. I love to people watch and I always wonder what their world is like. The fountain is especially beautiful during the night when they have the colored lights on and music playing. The water responds to the music then too, but on Friday it just spit out water left and right and the kids played and played in the hot summer day. We will have to take Paisley sometime. I really hope Oak Harbor can eventually get a splash park. I think the kids in Oak Harbor would really enjoy it. I will keep hounding Hank about it at work.

After we could not eat or walk no more we headed to an air conditioned movie theatre to watch the new Harry Potter movie. We took the monorail into downtown Seattle and found a theatre that was playing it every 30 minutes. We walked right on in and the movie started. We could not have planned that any better. It was a great movie, probably my favorite yet.

Then we went to check into our hotel which was the Hotel Vintage, just a few blocks away from Westlake Center. It was a beautiful place to stay. We cleaned up and walked downtown to see the second movie we wanted to see which was Transformers 2. We found another theatre and again walked right on in. We are never this lucky. It was also a great movie.

By this time it was 9:00 p.m. and we were hungry. We walked a block or so to a restaurant called the Rockhouse. It was really good and we could eat in or outside. It was a perfect night to sit outside, it almost felt like Hawaii when you had a hot day and it was beginning to cool down at 9:00 p.m. You don't have many of those days living in Washington.

Anyways, we were wild that night. We never eat dinner at 9:00 p.m. and our normal bedtime is like 8:30 p.m. these days. We were reliving our 20's for sure. I am glad we did not have Paisley until we were in our 30's, we have great memories of just the two of us and this was a night to remember.

We went back to our hotel with our carrot cake and cheesecake to go in hand. We ate dessert in bed and didn't have to care about cleaning up the crumbs...we were on vacation!!!!

Morning came and we called to check in on Paisley and of course she was having a ball without us. What did we have to worry about. We walked a few blocks to a little cafe and bakery for breakfast and again sat outside eating our breakfast for two.

Our romantic getaway was ending and we headed back home to our little girl. What a great 30 hours of fun!!!

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  1. It sounds perfect. What a great weekend. I would love to do something like that.