A few pictures...

Just a few pictures this week. It has been pretty quiet...that is out of the norm lately for us. Here is George's mom and Paisley below enjoying some kettle corn from the farmers market last Thursday.

I made some chocolate chip cookies the other night and Paisley just had to have one right out of the oven. Note to self...big mistake...it was all over her. Needless to say, it was bath time after that.

Paisley is obsessed with taking her clothes off and putting different ones back on. Here is an attempt to get her shirt on. I am glad it only happens at home.

Another obsession is purses, shoes and keys. Here she is going somewhere....not sure that she knows either...but she is ready with shoes on, purse in arm and keys in hand. The shirt is wrapped around her waist as if it were a skirt.

Never a dull moment with her.

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  1. Love this last picture. Reminds me of Taylor doing the same thing.